Mountain Spirit

Artwork and Music by Daniel Bigay

Music by Daniel Bigay

Bird Songs

Bird Songs CD.

  1. Woodpecker
  2. Blue Heron
  3. Raven
  4. Hummingbird
  5. Eagle
  6. Buzzard
  7. Mourning Dove
  8. Kingfisher
  9. Amazing Grace

2005 Indian Summer Music Award nominee for best Flute recording.

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Spirit Keepers - Sacred Ground

Bird Song CD

  1. Moccasin Creek
  2. Eagle Mound
  3. Medicine Walk
  4. Mama's Green
  5. Cherokee Heart
  6. Tribal Revival
  7. Wolf Song
  8. Spirit Lodge
  9. Geese Flying
  10. Goodhearts
    Honor Song
  11. Iron Horse

As Musicians, we are guided to create music from the heart to accompany the dance of life.

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Earth Keepers.